The ultimate historic football clubs: the greatest clubs ever

Undoubtedly, the Manchester United squad in their treble-winning season at the end of the 20th century, is thought to be the best football team ever for many individuals. The side, which involved quite a few promising footballers manufactured in the club’s academy, did something not a lot of other soccer clubs have managed to do – it won the English football and European cup leagues, along with being victorious in a famous and much-loved English cup tournament. The side, which had a much venerated Scottish trainer at the helm, was known for making a comeback – often leaving it to the very last seconds to win a game. Something that was exhibited in the final of the champions league final game that they came from behind to win in a most stimulating way. Definitely going through a difficult adjustment stage, the Manchester United owner will surely be wanting to make the necessary improvements to get his team back up top. The fans are undoubtedly hoping for a very good change.

You can be sure that one among the best football clubs in Europe - and the planet at large - to ever play the game, is the Italian powerhouse of AC Milan. The club honestly has one of the top and most successful histories in history. In fact, their pedigree is renowned. Even so, there was a certain side which played in the later part of the 1980s and early 1990s that has gone down as one of the biggest soccer teams in history. During this time frame, the club collected more than a handful of both Italian league titles as well as European cup titles. This side featured a number of the best soccer players of all time, which makes it no wonder that the period of time was so rewarding for all involved. Going through a period of transition, the new AC Milan owner is trying to push the club back to its successful levels. You can never ever count this team out.

Certainly, one of the best soccer teams to play the game in recent years is the Arsenal team from the very early 2000s. As a matter of fact, this side was so terrific that they managed to go through a total season of the English football league without losing even one game, winning nearly 100 points in the process. This was an accomplishment which happened to earn them the nickname of the ‘Invincibles’. The squad included many well-known football players, several of which made up a huge portion of the highly successful and dominant French international side playing around the same time. The team’s fast attacking style of football was well known to eliminate any opponent, and their unbeaten record led to them being declared the English league's top ever team. Despite the fact that the club has not quite attained the same quality of success in recent years, you just know the Arsenal owner is looking to get the side back to its successful ways.

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